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A garden with a heath

This mixed style garden has the irregular combinations of various forms and shapes and a strongly emphasized informal nature, accented by the boxwood hedges. This place is full of surprises.

There are a few eye-catching elements of this garden. There is a round, paved square, where the bench is going to stand, a vase among the brown sedges and a sandstone sculpture in the shape of the fish placed in the stone water container. The mix of clear geometry and irregular shapes of greenery ensures amazing visual experiences.

Besides the great diversity of colourful evergreen plants and decorative perennials, every year there are planted hundreds of colourful wax begonias to create colourful spots on the toned green background.

From the main window in the living room you can see a beautiful view with the purple acer palmatum, contrastively coloured conifers and decorative grasses.

There are some cherry laurels around the terrace, yellow-leaf holly, “Anabelle” hydrangeas, cherries and compositions of boxwood spheres. By the stairs we placed a small source made of stone so that you can hear the gentle sound of water while relaxing in the garden.

From the kitchen window through the ginkgo branches you can see the big beautiful heath. There are Ericas and heathers in big clusters. In spring there will be a carpet of colourful crocuses. There are also some mountain pines and yews. There is a picturesque white miscanthus “Variegatus” leaning back behind them. The owners wanted to have a colourful garden every season of the year and that’s exactly how it looks thanks to the perfect selection of great evergreen plants and leafy trees.