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A garden next to the old mansion

English style garden with a large, decorative pond, a spring and another, smaller pond. There are the already mature, diverse and precious tree specimens with colourful leaves. In 1999 the garden won the honourable second place in the “W moim ogrodzie” competition, organized by the MURATOR  - a Polish monthly magazine.

W started working on that garden in the 90’s when we built two ponds, a spring and we planted the trees, bushes and perennials and created appropriate division of the garden. The owners didn’t neglect the plants, which still looked great but after years they wanted to reconstruct the waterfall and change the worn-out PCV film into the flexible and reliable EPDM liner. We took the opportunity to change the look of the garden a little by adding some more effective plants to create a beautiful frame for the pond.

We undertook this task knowing that it would not be easy. There were a few dozens of precious fish in the pond – koi carps. We picked them out carefully, moved them to a temporary container, removed the old liner and reconstructed the pond and the garden in a short time. We planted a lot of evergreen plants: rhododendrons, yews, heucheras and ilexes. All of them were selected carefully to complement the already existing plants but also to act as the interesting colour accents.

At the end of the garden modernisation we laid the lawn, we planted the yew screen hiding the garbage and created a new arrangement near the gate. Now the garden looks completely different and pleases the eyes of the owners.