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Modern garden

The modern garden was created by the house of a very simple form but finished with the noble, natural materials, namely granite and sandstone. We used the same materials in the garden. The terrace, entrance to the house and driveway are paved with large stone tiles and the surface was covered with the granite chippings of different size in two shades of grey.

The project of the garden included maximum simplicity, consistency of composition and modest variety of plants. The colours are mainly different shades of green. There are many yellow-leaved shrubs bringing some life to the austere compositions (Ilex crenata “Golden gem”). The plants bloom in white (rhododendrons and “Limelite” hydrangeas) or in blue (lavenders and hydrangeas in pots).

The common element in the entire garden are spheres and cones from yew and boxwood and also spheres on sticks scattered everywhere in some kind of pattern. We did the planting with consistency, covering large areas, without too much variety in terms of plans.

Most of the plants are evergreen: rhododendron, boxwood, yew, holly, heuchera, lavender, Pachysandra terminalis and Ophiopogon. There is only one plant that loses its leaves for winter: Hydrangea paniculata. The final touch has been made with decorative grasses like miscanthus and interesting trees: yellow-leaved beech in front of the house and a Katsura and cherry plum.

The front garden is the most effective with a big yew bonsai surrounded by the geometric composition of heuchera “Citronelle” and black Ophiogon. There are also some squares made of pachysandra and boxwood forms. Nest to the pavement, in the stone sphere we mounted a water stream and an illuminated nozzle.

We placed the pots with great hydrangeas on the terrace and owner’s favourite herbs in front of the house next to lavenders so that they were always at hand. The garden looks beautiful all year long thank to the expressive structure of the green sculptures and the lightness of grasses. A big lawn is a perfect background for the plants.